1. Don’t leave Mains-specific topics like Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning, Relations, Heights and Distances etc. These chapters are easy and have a very high probability of being asked (Parabola type questions can be asked in advanced also but not these chapters)
  2. Don’t leave NCERT for Chemistry and Physics especially.
  3. Try to cover all chapters up to a minimum level rather than covering some chapters to a Pro-Level, as in Mains most of the questions will be easy to moderate level so it makes sense to prepare all up to an average level (for JEE aspirants)
  4. Don’t think in terms of marks during the examination, just keep one mindset while attempting the paper- ‘Let me first find out the easiest and less time-consuming problems in the paper in all three subjects and solve them first properly’, without calculation mistakes and pressure.
  5. Don’t have ego issues with a question. If a seemingly easy question refuses to get solved, just leave it instantly (don’t try any question for more than 7-minutes in examination while attempting the paper in the first round(even if you feel like – I have already wasted so much time so let me try for 2 minutes more)). Keep in your mind that one question is sufficient enough to ruin the entire paper.
  6. Have proper sleep and food etc. on the day before Mains. Last minute study (sleepless) may fetch you 4-marks more but your sluggish brain (due to sleep deprivation) can cost you 40–50 marks or even selection.
  7. Don’t get overly worried, if you have studied sincerely then forget about the rest and don’t blame yourself for anything. It’s not a life lost, you will still have one more chance. You will perform best when you have the least worries.


  • Learn concepts and formulae perfectly
  • Maintain   your own notes which  are easy to understand.
  • Refer NCERT books.
  • Revise through a perfect time table.
  • Clear your doubts
  • Concentrate more on your weak subject
  • Write mock tests and grand tests to improve your preparation
  • Practice previous year papers, so that you can boost up your confidence.
  • They are very easy and most of them are formulae based and direct questions.
  • Make a proper schedule, work according to it…
  • Set daily achievable goals like you have to complete this chapter before sleeping…
  • As you have less time keep concentration on the main important topics which have more weight in your exam…
  • Relax and be confident…
  • Be motivated and study as your exam is near…Don’t waste time on TV and Facebook Whatsapp etc…
  • Know the value of time and study well…
  • Clear your doubts and make yourself perfect in the subject…

Refer to these books :

  • Errorless : universal self scorer
  • HC Verma for physics
  • Arihant books
  • Deepthi publications
  • NCERT text books
  • IIT Mathematics For JEE (Main & Advanced) (Set Of 2 Volumes) by M.L Khanna
  • Differential calculus For JEE Main & Advanced 2017 by Amit Aaggarwal
  • IIT JEE Chemistry by O.P. Agarwal


See this below mentioned channel in YouTube :

  • Etoos India
  • Khan academy
  • Exam fear
  • Rao IIT academy


  • Prepare synopsis and formulae for instance revision
  • Touch every concept during your preparation.
  • Follow this technique for easy revision :
    • Survey
    • Question
    • Read
    • Recite
    • Review


  • In 3 hour exam, First solve the questions of your favourite subject…if you don’t the answer attempt the end. Tryto apply different formulas if you not getting the answer…


  • Take breaks in between your studies. Listen to music or walk on the street. play games for sometime to relax your mind. Watch funny videos etc to overcome stress and pressure.
  • Do Meditation


  • Once you prepare your study plan, it is important to follow the same.
  • Don’t let external pressure or influencers dictate your mind.
  • Focus on your goals and its deadlines. Remember, goals can only be achieved if you respect deadlines.
  • Setting priorities is equally important to achieve goals.
  • Preparing a study plan isn’t enough, following it is very important for an effective IIT JEE Exam Preparation.
  • Balance between coaching and self-study: If coaching takes up 3-4 hours each day then put aside at least 2-3 hours for self study too. This balance is necessary to revise/ practice concepts and prepare for the next class.
  • Paper solving strategy: You need to identify what strategy works best for you to solve the JEE Main. For instance, during mocks, if solving toughest questions first, then less difficult and keeping the easiest for the last works for you then go ahead with it.

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