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A job can be done by 3 persons in 4 days. How many persons will be required to complete the job in a day and a half?
If a+b = 3.14/2 and b+c=a, then tan a equals
In complex domain questions, don't solve the function for each given value. Just put in extreme values first to check if they satisfy the function or not.
The power factor varies between
A choke coil should have
A series LCR circuit  has R=5      , L= 40 mH and C = 1µF, the bandwidth of the circuit is
An alternating supply of 220V is applied across a circuit with resistance 22Ω and impedance 44 Ω. The power dissipated in the circuit is
At ordinary temperature, an increase is temperature increases the conductivity of
The angles of dip at the poles and the equator respectively are.
At a given place on earth's surface the horizontal component of earth magnetic field is 2 X 10-5 T of dip at this place is


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